Housewife Loan: Compare Without Private credit

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Important to the housewife credit

  • Spouse as guarantor
    In the case of the income-free borrower, housewife credit usually involves the spouse, who should have his own income, as guarantor.
  • Specify alternative collateral
    If the spouse is incapacitated, other guarantors or security assignments are required. This hedging is intended to minimize the risk of default.
  • Make financial statement before closing
    Before you take out a loan, you should check in a household bill, which monthly rates are financially viable for you. This makes it easier to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Although the term “housewife credit ” is already outdated and is nowadays referred to more as a loan without Private credit or small loan ; but even today there is this loan, which supports people with no or low income. However, interested parties should first inform themselves in detail about the duties, risks and opportunities.

How to find the right housewife loan

How to find the right housewife loan

The term originally belongs to a time when wives usually worked as housewives while the men went to work. Since the women were secured by the income of their partners, the banks have forgiven the housewife loan – so could the housewives now and then afford something.

At the present time, however, this loan is no longer aimed at just one target group: the so-called microcredit can now be claimed by all persons who have no fixed income and are therefore often not given credit. This also applies to people with a low monthly income of a maximum of 400 euros – if they are otherwise secured.

The target group of the loan includes:

  • Housewives and housekeepers
  • Possibly. single parents
  • pensioner
  • Students and apprentices
  • job seekers
  • Persons with negative Private credit entries

The credit for housewives is characterized by the fact that he is usually awarded small amounts of 5,000 to 50,000 euros. However, the following aspects are required for you to receive this loan:

  • A minimum age of 18 years
  • German citizenship
  • Hedging through own income or that of the partner

Earningsless spouses: What options are there?

In some cases, spouses want to take out a loan without their own income. Even with small loans, however, it is often difficult to obtain a loan in this situation. Most banks do not lend when there is no income. So the only option left to the non-earning spouse is to provide collateral to the bank:

  1. Find a guarantor
    A guarantor pays the loan installments if the non-earner can not raise them. In this case, for example, the spouse can act as guarantor.
  2. A security transfer
    If you use the loan to purchase property, you hereby grant the bank the right to own that property until the loan has been fully repaid.

It is usually not possible to obtain the housewife’s loan without a guarantor. You also have greater chances if you take out a loan with a guarantor together with the earning spouse.

The Housewife Credit: What should you pay attention to?

Before the housewife loan is completed, the individual conditions should be considered closely and compared with several providers.

Select runtime correctly

For example, it makes sense to choose the shortest possible term without being in default. The faster you repay the loan, the cheaper the loan will be – because the overall cost will be kept to a minimum. The term should, however, be chosen so that the monthly installments are to be managed. Many financial institutions therefore set a term of twelve months.

Pay interest

As a rule, low earners and unmarried spouses as well as persons with negative Private credit entries can not guarantee sufficient creditworthiness. In addition, the risk for the financial institutions is comparatively high, as borrowers often are not sufficiently secured.

It follows that the interest on this loan is usually set high. These can only be reduced by a second borrower or a guarantor – materialistic security can also be provided if it is financed by the loan.

Do not forget additional costs

The APR that is required to compare different providers does not just include the loan amount. Also, the processing fee and the cost of processing the loan incurred here – these should also be considered.

How much homemaker credit can I afford?

Prepare a detailed overview of your income and expenses in advance to find out how much credit you can afford. A household bill makes the most sense for this:

  1. Analyze the statements of the last half year.
    What revenue do you have? And what regular expenses are deducted from your account? Also list all state supports.
  2. List costs that only accrue annually.
    Also annual costs should be written down, as these can fall into the period of loan repayment.
  3. Plan extraordinary expenses.
    Is a holiday coming up or does the car have to be repaired soon? Plan these expenditures – ideally as generously as possible, in order to always be able to cover all expenditures.

Once you’ve done all this, there’s a balance left over – this is the monthly installment you can use for the loan.

Recognize cheap offers – that’s how it works

It makes sense, if you weigh before the signing of the contract several providers of housewife credit against each other. The effective annual interest rate helps here: the effective interest rate includes the borrowing fee as well as all additional costs – this means that this interest rate indicates what you really have to pay each year. The lowest possible effective interest rate thus indicates that the supply is relatively cheap overall.

Incidentally, some financial institutions also have the option of making special repayments in order to repay the total amount more quickly. Make sure that these special repayments are free. This keeps the total cost low and ensures that you can pay off the loan amount earlier.

Watch out for black sheep

Beware of black sheep: too low interest rates can point to dubious providers. So always compare several providers to get an approximate overview.

Step by step to your housewife loan

If you have planned to apply for a housewife’s loan without Private credit, you should first discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this loan in detail.

advantages disadvantage
You get a loan for a small sum without any fixed income Completely without a guarantor or second borrower, it is extremely difficult to obtain the microcredit
The Private credit query is not performed As there is little collateral for the institutions, interest rates are high
Low monthly rates for low and non-earners Even for small loans with a maximum of 5,000 euros, there is a longer term
The loan is free to use There are higher processing fees

So if you want to take out a loan, you should weigh the above-mentioned advantages and disadvantages well – it makes sense to consult with the second borrower or the guarantor in order to then be able to make the right decision.

How to get to the small loan without Private credit

With the help of the Financedel calculator, you can calculate how your credit will fail without Private credit. They proceed as follows:

  1. Enter the desired amount of the loan and enter your personal data (name, address, date of birth).
  2. Read the privacy policy and confirm that you agree.
  3. Click on the button “Continue to step 2”.
  4. Now enter your contact details so we can contact you if there are any questions.
  5. Click on the button “Continue to step 3”.
  6. Enter your employment and your monthly net income here. In addition to wages, gross income includes pensions, alimony benefits, unemployment benefits and rental or lease income – all of which you now have to deduct to earn the net income.
  7. Submit your request afterwards.

The credit team will now take care of your request as soon as possible and send you an individual loan offer – the offer is free and absolutely non-binding.

Alternative: The normal installment loan

An alternative to the housewife loan is the normal installment loan. The advantages of this loan are obvious:

  • The loan is also not earmarked
  • Almost all financial institutions give the installment loan
  • He needs less work
  • It offers lower interest rates for the same term

The disadvantage of the regular installment loan is that you need a corresponding credit rating in order to receive comparatively low interest rates. So people with negative Private credit entries will have less chance of receiving this loan at reasonable interest rates – often the application will be rejected in this case. In addition, the monthly installments here are significantly higher than the housewife credit, the term is also longer in many cases. To find the right loan, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you need a larger loan amount?
  • Can you pay relatively high monthly installments with your spouse or another second borrower?
  • Can you pay off the loan over a longer period?
  • Is there a high credit rating for you or the second borrower?

If you have been able to answer these questions positively, it is advisable to make use of the regular installment loan. However, if a high credit rating is not guaranteed, only a small amount is needed or only small monthly installments are possible, the Housewife Credit is the right choice.

To find out which loan is right for you and you have to expect that costs and interest, please contact our loan calculator on.

questions and answers

questions and answers

How Expensive Is Housewife Credit?

The amount of interest for this loan depends on the respective provider – since, in addition, the Private credit entries are not queried, no creditworthiness is guaranteed. It is not unlikely that the loan without Private credit therefore often more expensive than the conventional consumer credit. In particular, the term, the amount of the loan and the annual percentage rate of interest affect the cost of the loan.

Is a housewife credit reputable?

Of course, you should be wary of a loan that does not require insight into Private credit. With the housewife credit, the seriousness depends on the provider: There are certainly reputable financial institutions that guarantee this loan. However, the lending of such providers is often associated with high processing fees, high interest rates or similar costs.

Is there really no Private credit query?

Banks in Germany are generally required by law to always carry out a Private credit query before a housewife loan is granted – reputable banks will not grant this loan without Private credit information. Swiss banks, on the other hand, are not bound by such laws and can grant the loan even without checking the creditworthiness – but usually only with a certain minimum income. So there is no chance for a lossless person to get a loan here; Unless they are adding a second borrower or guarantor.

Incidentally, some reputable brokers offer to do the credit check for free: this allows you to find out before the search for a financial institution, what would be the maximum amount of your loan and if your application would even be approved.

Who can get the housewife credit?

The Housewife Credit can be obtained by all low paid and incomeless people. However, it is important that the borrowers are covered – whether by the spouse’s income, a guarantor or other collateral.

Up to what limit can the housewife’s loan be paid out?

There is a uniform and universal rule for the payout limit of this small loan. Usually these are sums of around 5,000 euros – but loans up to 50,000 euros are guaranteed.

Is the housewife credit earmarked?

As a rule, the loan without Private credit is not earmarked, as this is a regular installment loan with a limited amount. The loan is therefore freely usable.

What is the legal status of household income for the non-earning spouse today?

According to §§ 1360 to 1360b of the Civil Code, also ineligible spouses are allowed to co-determine, for which the existing income is used. In addition, they usually have a pocket money claim: about 5 to 7 percent of the net salary of the partner may use the non-earning wives or husbands for their own purposes.

Bank loan comparison with top interest rates

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Important for the bank loan

  • Compare bank offers
    Before applying for a bank loan, you should always compare several providers. Financedel’s free credit comparison provides low-priced offers in just a few clicks.
  • Optimize creditworthiness
    Offer your own collateral to lower lending rates. With a second borrower you can get more favorable terms.
  • Choose a term wisely
    Shorter terms reduce overall credit costs.

For many Germans, bank credit is still the easiest way to make an urgent purchase or fulfill greater wishes.

If you pay attention to some aspects of credit selection, you are sure to find the best loan for your purpose. On this page you will find practical tips and information about bank credit.

What is a bank loan?

What is a bank loan?

Basically, every loan you take out of a bank is a bank loan. There are only a few alternatives.

So you could borrow money from friends or relatives or even ask the employer for a loan. However, you have the problem that you owe something to people you know. Not infrequently, loans to friends can lead to strife. Or what about the repayment when the friendship comes to an end? It is not for nothing that the saying goes, “When money stops friendship”.

A bank loan offers great advantages in this regard. They owe money to the bank and therefore owes the service provider only the monthly installments and nothing more.

Different types

Banks grant different types of loans. One of the most common loans is the 3000 euro loan. This is not really a special credit group, but rather a popular loan amount for consumer credit.

Whether for a trip or the purchase of furniture, in Germany every year many different wishes are fulfilled with such a bank loan. In contrast, larger loans such as a € 10,000 loan are usually associated with major purchases. Often, these bank loans are used as student loans.

All these loans are classic installment loans. Thus, the typical bank loan is an installment loan. In addition, this type of loan mainly describes small loans with amounts below € 5,000. Applying for these loans usually suffices for one’s own income and a good credit rating.

Other bank loans that go beyond small loans

  • Real estate loans or mortgage lending
    A bank loan for the home purchase requires a longer planning. Typically, these loans are associated with a very long term and an extensive financing plan. The mortgages or chattel mortgages of life insurance policies serve as collateral here.
  • follow-up financing
    In a follow-up financing is a bank loan, which is used at the end of the mortgage term, following to pay off the remaining debt. Follow-up financing usually has higher five-digit totals.
  • car loan
    The car loan does not necessarily have to be a bank loan. But borrowers usually have an advantage in negotiating rebates by paying out a bank loan for car finance. The car loan is a purpose-bound loan for it.
  • mortgage loan
    With this bank loan you encumber a property or a property and can borrow money for renovations or complex repairs on the house at favorable conditions from the bank.

How to find a cheap bank loan

How to find a cheap bank loan

There are many different credit institutions in Germany, which compete for the favor of customers. As a result, you, as a borrower, can benefit from favorable offers.

With the following three tips you will find a cheap bank loan:

  1. compare offers
    Use the free loan calculator from Financedel. For the calculator you only need your desired loan amount and the duration as well as the purpose. Using solid data such as total loan amount and monthly exposure, you can compare many different banks. So you do not have to ask each bank individually.
  2. Involve second borrower
    If you apply for a loan for two, you can benefit from much more favorable conditions. For the bank, a second borrower provides greater security. This usually “rewards” them with a more favorable interest rate.
  3. Offer collateral
    For example, if you have the option of offering a registered mortgage as collateral for a bank loan, you can significantly reduce the cost of borrowing.

You should pay attention to that

There are several metrics that should be considered before the loan is closed.

Effective interest rate The annual percentage rate of charge describes the gross return on your loan that you must pay each year for the loan amount. In contrast to net loan details, the annual percentage rate already includes any processing fees or other additional costs. Pay attention to the lowest possible annual percentage rate for your desired loan!
unscheduled The earlier the loan is paid off, the lower the monthly burden. If you have free capital during the term, you should be able to use it for free special repayments. When making credit terms, make sure that you do not incur any fees when you make special repayments.
running time Choose your desired monthly rate wisely. It should not be too high, so you have enough financial space every month. But you should not set the rate too low, so you do not unnecessarily increase the cost of borrowing. It is best to use a household calculator to determine the possible monthly rate.
fees Some banks charge fees if you want to terminate the loan before the end of the term. Check the loan offer to see exactly if such fees apply.

Remaining debt insurance is not always a must

For smaller loans, do not take out a residual debt insurance. It can only increase the small loan unnecessarily. For example, such an insurance can cost more than € 300 for the entire life of a € 2,000 loan.

Possible uses

Typically, a typical bank loan is disassociated. This means that you may freely use the money for your wishes. However, some loans such as classic car loan or home loan are earmarked. The money may be used in this case only for the specified purpose.

Schedule processing time

From the application for a bank loan to the payment of the loan amount may take several working days. This applies in particular if you apply for a bank loan online and the bank still requests documents or you can only send these documents by post.

In addition, the processing time varies from bank to bank, so that no blanket statement can be made. However, you can always accelerate the process by providing all the necessary paperwork with your loan application, for example proof of income.

You should pay attention to this when making the loan request

When you make a loan request, you should make sure that it is entered as a loan condition request at the Private credit. These inquiries are provided with the abbreviation “KK” and are Private credit-neutral. A credit request with the abbreviation AK is also noted in the Private credit directory and is visible to other banks for ten days. If there are many AK loan requests, this can have a negative effect on your Private credit score.

However, with the Financedel loan calculator you are on the safe side. All inquiries via the portal are Private credit-neutral.

House bank is not always cheapest bank

The credit comparison has the advantage that you can really get the best conditions. The house bank does not always have the best bank loan for you. The only advantage: The bank already knows your financial situation very well and needs no further collateral. This is the case, for example, if you have already successfully repaid a loan with this bank or have your salary account with the bank.

Step by step to the bank loan

Step by step to the bank loan

To apply for a bank loan, you can take the following six steps.

  1. Calculate loan amount
    First, calculate the required loan amount. In the case of bank loans for real estate financing, you should also include the existing equity capital. This is also possible with a car finance, where you can reduce the loan amount by a down payment.
  2. revenue and expenditure account
    Be sure to keep a household bill in which you bill regular monthly income with regular expenses. Be very precise and honest with yourself. For example, expenses for the cinema or for the gym are part of the regular expenses. With the help of the household bill you determine the optimal credit rate.
  3. Compare loans
    Compare several loans together. A good comparison criterion is the annual percentage rate. In addition to the duration, it determines how much the total loan amount and the monthly installments will be.
  4. Send application
    You can fill in and submit your loan application online at almost every bank online today. If documents are required, you must send them by post to the bank.

This happens before the loan is granted

Before a bank awards a loan, it checks your creditworthiness. These include the almost mandatory Private credit query. Likewise, you must be able to prove a regular income. For certain loan amounts, a minimum income is required. Basically, with all loans: The higher the income, the better.

More evidence as a self-employed

For the loan application, you usually need your salary statements and sometimes even bank statements of the last three months. Self-employed often have to provide more evidence, such as the tax returns of the previous two years or a business evaluation (BWA).

  1. Postident perform
    In order to clearly identify yourself as a borrower, you usually have to carry out the so-called post -ident procedure. To do this, print out the Postident coupon at home and look for a post office. There you are clearly legitimized by your identity card or passport. The completed coupon will be sent to the bank along with your full credit application and all necessary documents.
  2. loan disbursement
    After a thorough review of your records, your credit will be approved. It only takes a few working days for the loan amount to be transferred to your account.

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How do I get a bank loan for starting my business?

If you need a start-up loan, you can contact the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW). The state-owned bank promotes entrepreneurs with special bank loans.

What can I do if, after receiving my loan, I have found a cheaper loan with another bank?

Most bank loans can be withdrawn up to 14 days after conclusion of the contract without giving any reason. Read exactly in the terms and conditions before, if this also applies to your credit. If you can still revoke, you have the opportunity to take advantage of the cheaper credit of the other bank. If the withdrawal period has expired, you can still cancel. However, you have to reckon with bank fees. If the interest on the new loan is significantly cheaper, so that the savings exceed the fees payable, a change may be worthwhile.

Is there a processing fee for bank loans?

Since a ruling by the Federal Court, banks are generally no longer allowed to demand loan processing fees. For more information, see this article on loan processing fees

What are alternatives to bank credit?

If you do not want to borrow money from a bank, you can borrow money from friends or relatives. Also possible are various Internet portals, where private customers can borrow money from other lenders who act as investors. The correct handling of these transactions is then handled by a bank as trustee.

I am no longer able to repay the loan – what now?

If you can not repay your loan, it is essential to seek the interview with the bank. In some cases, banks may offer a repayment pause. If the financial situation is very tense, you can, for example, go to a debt counseling service.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of bank loans?

The advantage of having a bank loan is that you are lending money without further commitment and commitment. Thus, the bank loan differs from a loan that you get from parents or friends. However, the disadvantage of a bank loan is that you have to pay interest on the borrowed money that friends or relatives do not usually charge.

Loan for apprentices: favorable loans for apprentices

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Important to the loan for trainees

  • Takeover prospects increase credit opportunities
    Anyone who has the prospect of a takeover after training can often increase the chances of obtaining a loan application.
  • Requirements unavoidable?
    Everyone must fulfill the requirements for a loan as an apprentice. Exceptions are hardly possible.
  • Seek additional guarantors
    Signatories improve your chances of successful lending – from the bank’s perspective, guarantors often reduce the risk of default.

A trainee salary is usually too low for larger purchases. It is just in this phase of life often major issues. For example, those who move to another city for training have to make a move, which is costly. Anyone who does not receive a cash injection from their parents or relatives will often have to rely on getting a loan. That’s not easy, but possible if you know how to improve your chances.

How to find the right loan for apprentices

How to find the right loan for apprentices

If you urgently need the deposit for the first home or a car for the way to work, can hardly afford a narrow apprentice salary. Getting enough money aside is tedious, sometimes too tedious, for example if a mobile pedestal is needed for the commute at short notice. But such things are often obligatory at the beginning of the training and the first steps on the career path. If the parents or close relatives do not want or can not support it, a loan for apprentices can fulfill such sensible wishes.

A trainee loan is a special form of consumer credit and is usually used as a installment loan. It is characterized by maturities of a few years, low interest rates and low loan amounts. Collateral as with other large installment loans or loans are often not available for trainees With the loan comparison, the appropriate loan can be found.


  • Age and residence
    A person who is resident in Germany and has reached the age of majority and full capacity at the age of 18 only gets a loan. As a rule, banks reject minors as credit customers.
  • Sufficient credit rating
    If you have positive Private credit entries, so always punctual and conscientious all loans and, for example, paid mobile phone contracts, another requirement for credit is given. Incidentally, once a year you can also request a free data overview from Private credit to check what information the credit reference agency has collected about you.
  • Regular income
    These include regular income such as salary, interest on assets, income from letting and leasing, as well as monetary benefits in kind such as rent-free housing. Not including care and housing allowance, child allowances or capital assets under 7,600.00 euros.
  • Parents as guarantors
    You do not necessarily have to include your parents in the credit agreement if you are already of legal age. But a loan for trainees is often difficult to obtain without guarantors. So, if your parents vouch for you with a good credit rating, it increases your chances of getting a loan.
  • Probation period over
    If you have survived your probationary period and may even have a firm commitment that they will be taken after the training, the chance of getting a loan increases.

Difficulties for trainees in borrowing

The taking up of a loan should always be carefully thought out. Because if you can no longer repay the loan, for example because you drop out of training or the employer goes bankrupt and as a result you become unemployed, over-indebtedness threatens.

In such cases it is good to have a residual debt insurance. This can be concluded with many banks and savings banks together with the loan agreement. Of course, insurance premiums are incurred. A residual debt insurance can make a loan much more expensive. Consumer advocates advise against taking out such insurance at all costs and only taking out a loan if it is easy to repay it.

If you are still in the probationary period, it is generally unlikely to get a loan. Even with a duration beyond its training, the bank could legitimately have doubts as to whether repayment remains secure after training. After all, not every trainee is subsequently taken on or finds a new employer seamlessly.

Increase opportunities through takeover prospects

If you are doing well in your apprenticeship, you can sometimes get a commitment from the boss at an early stage as to whether he can count on a permanent position following your apprenticeship. Theoretically, it is enough if the boss has made you a verbal commitment to a job. This already legally corresponds to an orally agreed employment contract. But you need witnesses and a lender who recognizes that.

On the other hand, those who have written confirmation from the instructor can also offer this to the bank as collateral. This evaluates it as a plus point, if it is foreseeable that the apprentice will receive a fixed salary even after completing the apprenticeship and can continue to repay his loan installments.

Those who do not have such a commitment will usually only get loans with a term until the end of their education. He must have repaid the loan by the latest salary at the latest. Loans that run only for a few years and may not cost so much per month because of a small salary are usually small loans with amounts of up to 5,000 euros.

Employer as a lender

Some employers also offer loans for their employees, maybe even yours. Questions do not cost anything.

Advantages of co-applicants

If you are not creditworthy on your own, for example because you do not earn enough, or if you can not convince the assumption of your boss, you should not give up immediately. Look for creditworthy support – someone with the best possible credit rating, who signs the loan agreement with you or vouches for you.

If you include a second borrower in the loan application, you may even be able to get a higher loan. Ask someone who has their full confidence. He must also be fully capable of acting, so be at least 18 years old. As a rule, parents or other elderly relatives are well-suited to such requests if they are sound households, creditworthy, and have a regular income. A guarantee is even mandatory for most trainee loans. The guarantor concludes another contract with the lender and agrees to be held liable with his assets if the borrower can not repay his loan.

In both cases, the bank receives additional legal security, as guarantor and co-signer commit to repay the money in an emergency. With the signature, he takes over the responsibility, if you can not fulfill the repayment, as it is provided in the contract.

Step by step to the loan for trainees

Step by step to the loan for trainees

  1. Get information and checkout
    Get an accurate overview of your financial situation! It is best to keep a list of all income, financial obligations, and all expenses, such as taxes, rent, insurance, etc., for several months. This is the only way you can get a full picture of how much money you have available each month and what rent and other regular costs. accrues. If you have little left, a loan, which usually has to be repaid on a monthly basis, can lead to debt. If there’s still some bottom line after deducting the cost of living, you’ll know roughly what the monthly loan installment might be. If in doubt, Consumer Advice Centers or Debt Counseling also provide clues as to how you are financially resourced and help you decide if borrowing is really necessary.
  2. consultation
    If you are not sure yet how much money you have left in the month, how high a loan could be and how much you want to repay, let us advise you. Banks and other advisers can figure out how much credit they could get and what the monthly installment should be. With the help of a credit comparison, you will then find various offers and can compare them.
  3. Emergency solution Credit without Private credit from reputable provider
    For example, if you are unsuccessful with multiple branch banks, you can try to get a loan without a Private credit from a reputable provider. However, do not embark on any offers in which you need to make financial advances.
  4. Nothing rush when signing the contract
    If you have made a decision for a particular loan offer, have a look at the fine print, the terms and conditions and sleep another night. Only then should you submit a loan application. For further information, the providers inform on the phone, in person or on the websites.
  5. The credit is here
    If your application is accepted, you will receive a confirmation and a transfer to the account that you have agreed with the provider. Make sure that you pay back the installments on time so that no late fees or negative Private credit entries are incurred. A standing order can help with this, with which the rate is deducted from your salary account every month.

Which form of loan is advisable for an apprentice?

In addition to installment loans, there are also framework loans. For framework loans, a fixed amount is usually stored in a separate account. You only pay interest on the amount you actually withdraw from that account. However, due to the temporary income situation of trainees, the bank will most likely not grant them this.

Trainees usually only get a small loan. The means of choice should then be consumer or installment credit, which exists with different providers. Advantage: The installment loan is clear and the monthly charge, ie the installments that are due, remain the same over the entire term. This also corresponds to the income situation of most trainees. Since the loan amount is not as high as, for example, mortgage or other long- or medium-term loans, the term is kept within narrow limits and the monthly rate must be low, providers have less leeway for different forms of credit.

Pay attention to the effective interest rate. He is the measure of things in terms of price. Contrary to the nominal interest rate, the providers have to include almost all possible costs in the effective interest rate. That makes offers comparable. Also, the account maintenance fees, which requires some providers in addition, should pay attention. After all, these can significantly increase the price of a tempting offer, especially with the small loan sums of apprenticeship credit. When choosing a loan offer, it also matters whether you want to make special payments or take out a residual debt insurance.

Stay away from the dispo

Disposition credit, which is standard on many current accounts, is not an option for longer-term funding. The interest rates are relatively high and can be as high as 13 percent.

Even so-called private-to-private credit intermediaries, so-called P2P credit portals, have established themselves on the market. These platforms only provide lenders and borrowers. The lenders are usually private individuals who earn money with the interest. Similar to the deposit at the bank, they earn the interest and, if all goes well, the borrowed amount back. Again, the credit rating is checked, usually a Private credit information.

You should figure out whether they are more favorable, because the portals sometimes charge two percent of the total loan amount. In addition usually monthly costs come up and in some cases even an annual fee on top. Here you should exactly calculate

With the P2P credit portals you make an anonymous request online, in which you describe your desired conditions and justify what they need the money for. Here you can sometimes get to the train faster. You can start with lower interest rates and then increase until someone responds to the offer.

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Does it make sense to take out a loan from the bank where I have a checking account?

Banks need customers. Young customers may be the most solvent customers of tomorrow. As a result, the bank where you hold your checking account may be more open to your loan request because you want to keep it as a customer. It can be a great advantage to be able to get personal contact and advice in a branch. But also online or direct banks score sometimes with favorable offers. However, nobody is required by law to be loyal. Go to the terms of the offers. It does not always have to be the bank where you also have your checking account. Attention: Sometimes lenders charge extra for account management when they provide a loan for trainees.

What speaks against a loan for apprentices?

Loans are a short-term relief and a longer-term liability. At the beginning of many over-indebtedness are loans. So be sparing, realistic and modest when determining the amount of a loan.

Who determines the term and interest of the trainee loan?

Banks will make you specific offers on request, depending on your financial situation and your credit rating. The better your credit rating, the less you pay interest. But you alone decide if you accept an offer. The other way around is the P2P portals, where you can anonymously publish a loan application, a so-called credit project. You have to introduce yourself and your concerns and determine your own term and interest. If someone wants to invest in your loan project and lends them money, you may be able to benefit from lower interest rates than a regular bank.

Loans for Christmas, financing ok for expenses and gifts

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In December 2017, one in four Italians will ask for a loan for Christmas expenses or for going on holiday. Loans for the holiday week and loans for gifts exceed three times those for organizing the New Year’s Eve Gala Dinner. Here are the best loans available between late 2017 and early 2018!

It’s time to party, but at the end of the year between taxes, bills and various expenses the risk is not to have money for Christmas presents or a small holiday. The solution for 24% of Italians is to ask for a personal loan with convenient repayable installments over time. This was revealed by a recent survey on Christmas 2017 expenses (data from and

But how to choose the most advantageous loans in December 2017 and January 2018? Should you make a loan for a trip or a gift?

Loans for going on vacation…


Anyone wishing to take a week off or take a trip for a few days can find some useful information on the holiday loan in an article published recently on our blog ( read here ). Warning: it is not essential to be a worker to obtain it, since there are also loans for retired people who want to go on holiday.

… and financing for Christmas expenses

... and financing for Christmas expenses

Even for those who need money for Christmas gifts or New Year’s dinner – according to the survey 47% of those in this situation are between 36 and 45 years – opportunities are not lacking. The advice to choose the right loan also in this case is to evaluate well TAN and APR of the financing ( find out how to do ) so as not to take risks.

How much money are asked for a loan, what installments to choose

How much money are asked for a loan, what installments to choose

The survey on loans for Christmas 2017 reveals that 53.1% of Italians who will apply for funding will need more than 2,000 euros : for others a figure of less than 1,000 euros (31.13) or between 1,000 and 2,000 is sufficient euro (15.6%). The repayment of the loan will be within 12 months for 53% of the people, while 19% will ask for repayable loans in 24 months. Less than a third has the need for installments in 36 or 48 months or more.

Would you like more information?

Even for higher figures and the possibility of repayment more extended over time (up to 10 years) ISICREDIT offers customized loans ( make an anonymous and free estimate here ) remaining available for a home meeting totally free. An opportunity available to everyone: there is indeed the possibility of loans for fixed-term workers, loans for part-time workers and even loans for bad payers and protestors.

What happens if I can not pay my loan online on time?

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 I can not pay my loan – it’s an idea that does not let you sleep. It’s a heavy idea, an idea that makes you feel nervous. But hey, let’s see what can be done in this situation. Let’s think together, how can we fix it and move on. We give you advice!

First, think about whether you have used all the options before worrying so much. Has the deadline for returning the borrowed money already passed? Have you tried to extend your credit fast? Have you negotiated other conditions with the microfinance company where you borrowed the money?

If the answer to all these questions is affirmative, then the only thing left to avoid defaulting is to refinance. Although refinancing a quick loan with another loan of this type is usually not the best idea, it may be a solution in certain cases.

Where can I request a quick loan if I can not pay my loan?

We offers you good conditions so that you can borrow money with the minimum requirements. For example, in order not to spoil your credit history it makes sense to settle a quick loan, requesting another. It is true that taking a similar step makes sense if you are sure that you will not incur a default by requesting a new fast credit. If you are sure that soon you will receive money that you owe or have other income planned, go ahead and take off the ideas of “I can not pay my loan”.

In turn, we recommend that when requesting money fast think about security. It is very important to have transparent conditions such as those offered by us, when requesting quick money. And it is very important not to be alarmed by saying “I can not pay my loan” and not accept dubious proposals quick cash Prepaid commissions, which can be found on the web.

If you want a fast credit insurance – We are the best solution!

Credits and Online Loans in Spain

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Creditent gives you a hand to get the best offers of personal loans online.

Our objective is to offer responsible solutions for liquidity problems. Our business is not based on lending money, but on advising those who need it. Our loan search service is free, fast and super easy.

Creditent is your best option

  • Flexibility: you select the value of the loan and for how long you will need it.
  • Save money: we research the most reliable and recognized credit institutions, and present you with the best credit option.
  • Save time: the process is 100% online. No queues, no endorsement, no payroll, no paperwork.
  • Technology: the search for quick credits is processed with absolute speed, discretion and security. We use thousands of data points to choose the best offer for you.
  • There are no hidden or additional expenses or small bills: our transparent service allows you to see the total cost of your mini loan before validating the request.
  • Response in just 15 minutes, once the best option has been confirmed.

Above all, if you are on the road, do not worry, Creditent accompanies you and you can request a loan on your mobile or tablet. Super fast and easy!

Do not let money worry you why we help you regain control over the unforeseen.

How Creditent works

How Creditent works

We work with the most important lenders in the market for all types of quick credit needs, from 500 € in 5 min with Dineo to more generous loans.

To satisfy the needs of a market that continues to grow, Creditent has joined forces with Finzmo, the smartest home and car loan comparison company. We make your finances easy, we join lenders like Vivus for your most susbstantial purchases, it is a clever strategy, our lenders are as varied as the reasons why we may need money.

advantage 1


To make your loan request you only need to be between 18 and 80 years old, reside in Spain, have a national bank account, email and mobile.

advantage 2

Good practices

Since 2011, Creditent has been acting in a serious and responsible manner offering the best search and comparison service for personal online loans in Spain.

advantage 3

Because we?

Creditent is a state-of-the-art credit search tool that allows you to know the market offer and compare the characteristics of each one according to the needs of the users. We check the most reliable and recognized entities with absolute speed, discretion and security.

advantage 4

Personal loans

Immediate loans are not guaranteed. They can be taken without endorsement, without payroll, without paperwork. 100% online! Creditent helps you find the best option.

advantage 5

Quick credit

In addition to receiving your immediate credit, if you require again the services of Creditent, the limits of your personal credits are gradually increasing and you can request up to € 3000.

advantage 6

Easy money

We understand that you need money urgently and for that we help you to achieve it super fast and easy. Once you confirm the best option of your mini loans, the institution answers you in only 15 minutes.

About our activity

Creditent offers the service of search and comparison of loans taking into account the best and most recognized credit entities in Spain. Based on your information, we indicate which is the best institution to make the credit application. We do not promote or have preference for any of them.

Once the request is made, the lender analyzes the order. The concession and the processing period depend only on each of the institutions. Making your request for financial progress through Creditent, does not guarantee whether it will be accepted or not. All information on our website is simply informative and informative.

Considering the current legislation, we handle the personal data of our clients with the utmost respect and security. For more details, visit our Privacy Policy page.

Applicable Legislation and Customer Information

Consequences of the lack of payment

Creditent fully respects the legislation in force in Spain. The laws that regulate short-term loans are Law 22/2007, of July 11, of Distance Marketing of Financial Services Destined to Consumers and Law 16/2011, of June 24, of Contracts of Credits to Consumption. Before processing the loan application, the client will be informed of the following aspects: Articles 7 and 8 of Law 22/2007, articles 10 and 12 of Law 16/2011 and General and Particular Conditions of our service.

Management Expenses (APR)

Having transparency as one of our values, Creditent informs you of the costs of managing personal loans online. Before confirming the credit application, all the costs of the lenders are taught to you in a clear and simple way.

Management expenses are declared through the APR (Annual Equivalent Rate). This rate varies according to the amount of the loan and its repayment term.

For example, for a loan of € 200 for return in 30 days, the costs will be € 0, the total amount to be returned will be € 200 with an APR of 0%.

For example, for a loan of € 300 for a return in 62 days, the costs will be € 151.49, the total amount to be returned will be € 451.49 with an APR of 1,009.48%.

Renewal and Contract Breach Policy

Before taking any personal loan, be sure that you can make the payment in a timely manner as agreed with your lender. We emphasize that all the negotiation of terms and values ​​must be done directly with the institution that has approved your financial advance.

Late Payment

Late Payment

The recommendation of Creditent is that you make your payments always on time. If for some reason it is not possible, know that each lender has its own regulations regarding payments and interest. Late payment may result in extra costs and / or high interest. A large part of the lenders will contact you in order to arrange the payment, but we suggest that as soon as you know that you are going to get the payment on time, you can get in touch with him, because otherwise, you can Write down your credit history.

Consequences of the lack of payment

As we advise for late payment, if you already know that it will not be possible to make the payment on the agreed date, contact the lender as soon as possible. Institutions can charge a late payment fee between € 1 and € 100, but this value can change among lenders. To know all the information, we ask you to read with great care and attention the terms and conditions of your personal loan contract.

Loan Renewal Policy

If you would like to renew your personal loan, you should contact your lender before the end of your current credit period. Normally, the lenders charge the same interest and costs for another month on the entire amount of the debt. In case of default, a renewal / extension may be automatic and more interest and / or costs may be added to your debt.