Important in the use of credit calculator

  • Note the annual percentage rate
    When comparing, always pay attention to the APR. The indication of the annual interest rate is required by law and offers you a good opportunity to compare the various offers.
  • Consider earmarking
    Assigned loans usually have lower interest rates. However, this actually binds the loan to a particular use, such as the purchase of a car.
  • Keep running time as short as possible
    Shorter terms reduce the total interest payable. But beware: The higher monthly repayment rate should not exceed your available financial framework.

Although credit calculators are clear and compact, not everyone knows how to find the best deal with them. We explain with which procedure you receive suitable results with top interest rates. At the beginning, think about what you would like to use the loan for and how many months or years you would like to repay it.

Determine the best conditions in the loan calculator

Determine the best conditions in the loan calculator

In order for you to find a low-priced offer using the loan calculator that is tailored to your needs, some aspects should be set out in advance. Decisive for the choice of the credit is, among other things, the purpose. Already with the credit comparison you can decide for the indication of a purpose of use.

You want to use the credit for your home

If the loan is to be invested in a property, the real estate financing is worthwhile: While a real estate loan usually only reaches up to a sum of 50,000 euros, mortgage lending will be increased from this amount upwards. To find a reputable provider for the loan, the use of our loan calculator for the house makes sense. In addition, you should consider some aspects in order to obtain comparatively favorable conditions:

  • Create financing concept
    To finance a property as cheaply as possible, a financing plan should be created. Take into account your life situation, your monthly income and your hedges. Using this information, you can include the real estate financing in your current costs and calculate the realistic monthly repayment. As a result, you can then create the financing concept.
  • Consider equity ratio in mortgage lending
    Although it is quite possible to conclude a construction loan without equity, but for a much higher interest rate is due, making the monthly installments are more expensive. So to get a cheap loan, you should invest equity – this can reduce your monthly exposure.
  • Observe fixed interest period
    The fixed interest period is the period in which neither the lender nor the borrower can change the borrowing rate. If the fixed interest period expires and you, as the borrower, have a residual debt, you must renegotiate the terms of the financing. So be sure to calculate that the interest rate can rise after the interest rate has expired. Be aware in advance of the final installment or the remaining debt of the loan and consider various options for follow-up financing.
  • Negotiable monthly rates negotiate
    For a number of banks it is possible to lower or increase the monthly installments during the term. This flexibility is a good idea: you can always tailor the loan to your current financial situation.

You want to use the credit for a car

The purchase of a new car is usually relatively expensive, which is why the credit is a good way to finance the vehicle anyway. For the financing of the car there are two variants:

  1. Assigned installment loan
    In the case of an earmarked installment loan, the vehicle is considered as collateral: You may only use the borrowed money for this purpose. Since the bank knows about the purpose of the loan due to this condition, usually a favorable lending rate is determined. In the loan calculator, select the purpose “used vehicle” or “new vehicle”.
  2. Three-way financing
    With this variant, you start by paying a fixed amount – then you have about three to four years to pay the installments. At the end of the term, you can either buy, refinance or return the vehicle.

Detailed information on car loan can be found in our detailed guide – the car loan calculator will also help you find the right loan.

You want to use the loan for free use

Classic installment loans can usually be used for free use – so it does not matter whether you use it to finance a new washing machine or your summer vacation. In most cases, however, it is better to find a loan that is tied to a specific purpose: since banks know the equivalent value for this loan, they usually offer lower interest rates.

So if you want to borrow for a specific purpose, like the car or the new TV, you should find out if special loans can be used for this purpose.

You want to reschedule

In the case of long-term loans in particular, it often happens that you are aware of a loan with better terms – if you want to replace your old loan with a new one, this process is called debt rescheduling. The process is particularly worthwhile with conventional installment loans with a high interest rate; earmarked loans are usually from the outset equipped with low interest rates. So, before you start rescheduling, think carefully about whether this will ultimately pay off.

Also note the cost of a prepayment penalty: To reschedule your bank, you will need to pay a transfer fee to your bank – it is always recommended to consult an expert for the credit calculation.

Rescheduling can be rejected

The bank may decline your rescheduling request and demand that you pay off the full loan. In such a case, it is best to contact the bank and discuss how to proceed.

You want to use the credit to balance your checking account

Using a disposition credit, you can cover your checking account and pay bills even when the money is tight. However, the interest on the credit line is often high, with interest rates averaging 11 percent on average. A classic installment loan, which is subject to normal market interest rates, is often cheaper in comparison. So if you take advantage of the current account credit over months, it pays to think about rescheduling.

3 tips on how to get cheaper credit terms

  • Shorter term = cheaper credit
    Important is the optimal runtime: With long term you also pay long interest rates, which makes the loan more expensive. However, if the term is too short, the monthly rates are set high.
  • Remaining debt insurance causes high costs
    Since the conclusion of a residual debt insurance is expensive, it usually pays off only for a high loan amount.
  • A second borrower lowers the interest rate
    If you name a second borrower, who also has a regular income, the risk to the bank is lower – so you can reduce lending rates.

It is therefore worth checking before accepting a loan whether this can be concluded on even better terms.

This is how you will find it in the loan calculator

This is how you will find it in the loan calculator

Here we explain step by step how to use the loan calculator to take out a cheap loan:

  1. Determine the credit volume
    First you have to calculate the required credit: List all the costs that come to you for the respective purpose. For example, if you want to take out a real estate loan, not only will the price of the house be payable – you will also have to pay the fees for the land registry, utility charges, land transfer tax and other sums.
    Collect all costs in an overview in order to calculate the necessary credit volume. Also keep in mind that the equity loan can be cheaper.
  2. Carry out a household bill
    In order to find out what monthly installments you can afford, you will need to prepare a full household bill. In the bill, compare all monthly earnings and monthly expenses. The household computer from Financedel helps you to give all the information quickly and easily. Then he sums up the amounts and calculates the monthly available credit, with which you can repay the loan.
    Incidentally, when calculating monthly payments, it makes sense to give generous financial leeway – so you can be sure that unexpected costs can be paid without too much restriction.
  3. Compare the different offers of the banks
    In order not to find the first credit but the cheapest loan for you, it is worth comparing the offers on the Internet. The Financedel loan calculator allows you to easily compare different credit providers online for free. Enter the intended purpose, the desired duration as well as the desired sum of the loan – our comparison will immediately list all the offers that are suitable for your project. However, the loan calculator will not only show you the monthly installment and the APR. You also have insight into customer recommendations as well as the acceptance rate of the provider. After inquiring about your creditworthiness at Private credit, banks often offer you a credit-based interest rate. Of course, our loan calculator is available to you as a free service.
  4. Complete the loan application
    Using the online portal of the respective bank, you can have your credit rating checked on the basis of some information, conveniently complete the loan application online and then print it out. On the other hand, some banks check your creditworthiness first and send you the documents by mail or e-mail if the result is positive. After completing the application, verify that all information is correct and sign the application at all points marked with a cross.
  5. Have all necessary documents ready
    In order to complete the loan application, important documents must be submitted. These include salary certificates for the past three months, as well as account statements, a copy of the ID card and possibly a copy of the employment contract.
  6. Perform the Postident procedure
    The credit application documents usually also contain the coupon for the Postident procedure. With the help of this coupon, you can identify yourself at a post office – this requires you to present an identification document, such as your identity card or your passport. If you have signed the Postident coupon, it will be sent to the appropriate bank together with the application and all necessary documents. Some banks now also offer the videoident procedure.
  7. You receive the loan
    After accepting your application and completing the identification process, you will receive the credit. This will be paid out within two to four business days after the exam.

It’s that easy

call option

Within 14 days of applying, you can cancel your loan, even if you have already paid the loan or parts of it.

questions and answers

questions and answers

What is a loan calculator and why should I use it?

For the most different types of loans, there are numerous providers in the network. To help you get an overview and save as much money as possible, you should use a loan calculator and perform various calculations. The interest calculator offers you the opportunity to compare different providers and to choose the cheapest loan.

Is the loan calculator free?

Yes, the loan calculator is free and the offers shown are not binding.

Debit interest vs. annual percentage rate: what is more important with the loan calculator?

The borrowing rate indicates how high a loan will pay – it remains the same throughout the term of the loan.

On the other hand, the annual percentage rate of charge is more important for the loan calculator: it not only includes the debit interest, but also essential factors such as the term or the processing fees. So he shows the total cost of the loan. With the same fixed interest period, the annual percentage rate is thus better suited to compare loans.

Is the interest displayed in the loan calculator also definitely mine?

The loan calculator usually provides only a rough way to compare different loans together. Your interest may, however, differ from this statement, because interest is always dependent on credit. The credit rating indicates how likely it is that you repay the loan on time and in full. The better your creditworthiness, the lower the interest will ultimately be.

Incidentally, your credit rating is noted in the Private credit – you can certainly also take out a loan without Private credit, but this usually has poor conditions.

What advantages does the loan calculator have online?

An advantage of the online finance calculator is that it works for free and the loans are non-binding. In addition, the product list of each loan can be compared more easily with the aid of the clear list. In addition, you have the opportunity to deal extensively and in peace with the individual offers.

Using the loan calculator online is definitely worthwhile. Already an overlooked processing fee or a few percentage points more in the APR make itself clearly noticeable in the total. However, this is always shown on the loan calculator, so that you have all the important information at a glance. Our free loan calculator will help you save!

How fast does the loan calculator determine the offers?

Based on your information, the credit comparison immediately calculates possible offers – you can then compare the non-binding information with each other. The quick query on the finance calculator also allows you to play through various options regarding the loan amount and the term (usually between 12-84 months) without having to submit a new loan application each time. Of course, you will only find reputable providers in the loan calculator. Especially good products, which have already convinced in tests, you recognize immediately on the appropriate seals.

How fast can I get the loan paid out?

If you have submitted a loan application, it will be submitted for review. After completing this exam, the loan will take approximately two to four business days to complete. If you want a faster payout, an instant loan is a sensible alternative – in this variant, the amount is usually transferred already after 24 hours. You will normally receive a repayment plan directly with your contract documents.