In December 2017, one in four Italians will ask for a loan for Christmas expenses or for going on holiday. Loans for the holiday week and loans for gifts exceed three times those for organizing the New Year’s Eve Gala Dinner. Here are the best loans available between late 2017 and early 2018!

It’s time to party, but at the end of the year between taxes, bills and various expenses the risk is not to have money for Christmas presents or a small holiday. The solution for 24% of Italians is to ask for a personal loan with convenient repayable installments over time. This was revealed by a recent survey on Christmas 2017 expenses (data from and

But how to choose the most advantageous loans in December 2017 and January 2018? Should you make a loan for a trip or a gift?

Loans for going on vacation…


Anyone wishing to take a week off or take a trip for a few days can find some useful information on the holiday loan in an article published recently on our blog ( read here ). Warning: it is not essential to be a worker to obtain it, since there are also loans for retired people who want to go on holiday.

… and financing for Christmas expenses

... and financing for Christmas expenses

Even for those who need money for Christmas gifts or New Year’s dinner – according to the survey 47% of those in this situation are between 36 and 45 years – opportunities are not lacking. The advice to choose the right loan also in this case is to evaluate well TAN and APR of the financing ( find out how to do ) so as not to take risks.

How much money are asked for a loan, what installments to choose

How much money are asked for a loan, what installments to choose

The survey on loans for Christmas 2017 reveals that 53.1% of Italians who will apply for funding will need more than 2,000 euros : for others a figure of less than 1,000 euros (31.13) or between 1,000 and 2,000 is sufficient euro (15.6%). The repayment of the loan will be within 12 months for 53% of the people, while 19% will ask for repayable loans in 24 months. Less than a third has the need for installments in 36 or 48 months or more.

Would you like more information?

Even for higher figures and the possibility of repayment more extended over time (up to 10 years) ISICREDIT offers customized loans ( make an anonymous and free estimate here ) remaining available for a home meeting totally free. An opportunity available to everyone: there is indeed the possibility of loans for fixed-term workers, loans for part-time workers and even loans for bad payers and protestors.